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Places to visit - Stowe Landscape Gardens

Stowe Landscape Gardens

One of the first and finest landscape gardens Europe, located only 2 miles from the centre of Buckingham and now managed by the National Trust. You can wander through Stowe’s green valleys and vistas which are set with lakes, monuments and temples or take the intellectual challenge set by its 18th Century creators to find the political and classical meaning behind each elegant temple and statue.

One of the finest Georgian landscape gardens, made up of valleys and vistas, narrow lakes and rivers with more than 30 temples and monuments designed by many of the leading architects of the 18th century. At the centre is Stowe House (not NT), occupied by Stowe School, and all around is Stowe Park. This was formerly the home of the Dukes of Buckingham.

The creation of the Temple family, Stowe has been described as ‘a work to wonder at’ in its size, splendour and variety. Many of the garden buildings have now been conserved, and thousands of new trees and shrubs have been planted in recent years. Work continues on this as well as on the house itself.


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